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WORKING OUT AND EXERCISING...what just came to mind?

It's so much work to get fit.

It's too much to leave the house after a busy day.

I'm exhausted.

I'd rather sit on the couch and relax.

I want to lose weight, but I really just can't get myself to workout.

...yep we have all been there. 

JOYnMovement is just that; it's finding JOY in MOVING our bodies. It's throwing on a t-shirt and logging on with just one click to join from your living room! It's being gentle with our bodies and listening to them, yet pushing ourselves to become stronger during each exercise through low-impact movements.

It's finding joy in getting your blood pumping, feeling the exercises becoming easier each week, and seeing smiling faces of women who are working to do the same alongside you. It's a community. It's falling in love with moving your body and feeling your best. It's gaining energy and esteem. It's putting yourself first for just 1 hour a day (because we tend to put a lot of things and people before ourselves the majority of the time). It's time to choose yourself.

It's time to find JOYnMovement. 

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